Rickford Burke

Rickford Burke


Guyana Independence Anniversary Celebration Committee


The Guyana Independence Celebration Committee (New York) has a resounding record of accomplishments. With 173 members, representing 25 diaspora organizations in 9 States, the committee organized the historic and successful Golden Jubilee independence celebration in New York in 2016, which comprised 11 events over 8 days. We mobilized thousands of Guyanese.  

Our committee is a not for profit, charitable tax exempt organization. We’re registered under Federal statute and New Your State law. Our organization has been an asset to the Guyanese community. Our activities are not for profiteering. They are for community benefit. Following Jubilee celebrations in June 2016, our committee continued working. We began planning Guyana’s 51st independence celebration from May 26 – June 11, 2017, and continued the soccer training and coaching program for our young people.

We are grateful that many of you, our members and supporters, have exposed efforts to undermine our 2017 independence celebration. We as a people must summon up our spirit of “Guyaneseness” and reject division and deception. We implore all nationals to get involved in the mission to unite the Guyanese community. Our collective task is to continue mobilizing all Guyanese to reject aversion and embrace unity and inclusion. 

The committee thanks the thousands of Guyanese and friends of Guyana who have supported our activities since its establishment in 2015. Let’s do it again! Join our 2017 celebration from May 26 – June 11, 2017. Come celebrate with greater zeal and national pride that ever before!