Annual Guyanese Independence Parade – (Mashramani) in New York:

Date: Sunday, June 11, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Starting Point: Church & Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn NY
Ending Point: Ralph and Foster Avenues. Brooklyn NY

The annual Guyanese Independence Parade – “Mashramani in New York,” take place on the second Sunday in June each year. It affords the Guyanese diaspora an opportunity to, in typical “Mash” carnival-like atmosphere, come together to celebrate our nation’s Independence anniversary with costume band parade, masqueraders and a sea of Guyanese nationals displaying renewed national pride, patriotism and national unity in artistic and cultural splendor. Mashramani – an Amerindian word which means “celebration after hard work,” will live out its true meaning in New York with “Mashramani in New York” depicting various aspects of our culture and stages of our national journey under the theme “Celebrate Guyana – Reflect our Journey.”

The Parade will comprise marching bands, floats of various sizes, masqueraders in costumes choreographed to depict various themes that reflect our nation’s rich cultural heritage, vast natural resources –like El Dorado –as well as its natural beauty.

The Mashramani parade will commence with a march led by committee members, government of Guyana officials, U.S federal, state and city officials. Costume bands with their marvelous floats and colorful, energetic masqueraders, interspaced with large, wrapped music trucks, will follow.

Parade Route: The parade will commence at the intersection of Brooklyn Avenue and Church Avenue in Brooklyn, proceed East along Church Avenue, South into Ralph Avenue and end at Ralph and Fooster Avenue.

The annual Unity Concert will immediately follow the parade on June 11, 2017, at 8014 Preston Court at Ralph Ave, Brooklyn NY 11236; (Ralph Ave between Foster ave and Ave D).