Application and Conditions for Media Accreditation

Media accreditation is for all official events and is strictly for working media practitioners only.

Media is defined as journalists, photographers, broadcasters and videographers who are currently working within the employ of, or under contract to, print and online newspapers, magazines, broadcast and internet radio stations, broadcast and online television shows.

Media passes will not be issued to photographers who are solely using Smart Phones and Tablets to photograph and videotape events.

Individuals who own or are working for photography studios, photography websites, image banks, personal websites, blogs, Instagram and Facebook sites will not be issued Media passes. However, unaffiliated photographers, videographers, bloggers etc, may purchase a special unaffiliated media pass.

All traditional and/or electronic recording or taping of the official events must be done with the express permission of the Committee and shall specifically be used only for entertainment and/or news media.

No selling of images taken at any event is permitted. No live-streaming and/or Pay-Per-View servicing is permitted. Any recording, photograph or documentation of events used in any other capacity will be of unlawful use unless agreed to in advance by the Committee.

It is the sole responsibility of the accredited Photographers / videographers to get relevant releases from event participants where necessary.

Photographers/Videographers MUST indicate equipment to be used. A Cell phone is NOT considered photography equipment unless cleared with PR sub-committee.

Accreditation for the State Dinner will incur a service fee.